The project aim

 ZENKLThe motivation for the Comenius project BRIGHT NEW STAR OF EUROPE is to broaden the horizons of our pupils by enabling them to have exposure to other cultures, countries and connect with other schools from Europe.
The main goal in designing the project is to teach students about different countries (Turkey, UK, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Lithuania), their cultures and value systems in order to help them become more objective and unprejudiced in their judgments.

ZENKLto open windows so pupils, families and teachers reduce prejudices against different cultures and value systems,
ZENKLto acquire knowledge of the social and cultural context of each of the partner countries,
ZENKLto create a better understanding and so they may be more active citizens accepting their obligations and responsibilities as members of the EU,
ZENKLto prepare and empower the pupils and teachers for the constantly changing needs of a global society by improving their foreign languages and ICT skills,
ZENKLto encourage them to learn about less spoken languages in Europe and value the importance of each,
ZENKLto provide exchanges that stimulate pupils to develop their creative skills.

Our intended approach is to maximize the exposure of our pupils to the other partner countries, their languages, cultures and heritage through dealing with 6 specific topics which all pupils will work on giving their own national view. They will be developed through a series of activities inside and outside the classroom involving research, writing, poetry, song, short videos, photographs, drama and dance. All this activity will lead up to the production of blogs and the project meetings where the pupils will be involved in verbal and written communication, communication through the Internet, collaborative learning strategies for the development of the proposed topics for the meetings, portfolios which will all come together and crystallize in the publication of the international magazine. They will learn to learn through the experience, meetings, website and magazines.


Projektas finansuojamas remiant Europos Komisijai. Comenius programa yra Mokymosi visą gyvenimą programos dalis, o šią programą Lietuvoje administruoja Švietimo mainų paramos fondas.

The project is financed by European Commission. The Comenius programme is a European Union educational project. It concerns school-level education, and is part of the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims “to help young people and educational staff better understand the range of European cultures, languages and values”

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