Meeting in Poland

Evaluation form for the third meeting in Kowala – Poland, 12.05.2014-16.05.2014


 Content of the programme
Turkey The content of the programme was satisfying and good.
Spain The theme for this visit (Traditional Food) was fun and interesting for our teachers and students.  We enjoyed the activities planned and felt very welcome.
N. Ireland We enjoyed the programme.  The children especially enjoyed baking bread and the visit to Lublin.
Lithuania Well planned, reflexing the aims of the project
Romania The content of the programme was very well balanced, in accordance to the topic and fulfilling the aims of the meeting; the activities contributed to the reaching of the objectives.
Portugal The content of the programme was very interesting both for teachers and students as it really helped us interacting with the participants of the different countries / cultures involved in the project. Besides, it has allowed students to interact in English with people from very different  countries and cultures, giving them the opportunity to improve their language skills and their cultural knowledge.

Presentation of kids and culture

Turkey The presentation of kids  was so  good as much as I have seen  in  kindergarden and  primary school.
Lithuania The  meeting programme ,presented by the Polish kids was interesting and jolly. It showed the activities kids like to participate in.
Spain The presentations were great, we enjoyed the students participation.
N. Ireland We enjoyed the presentations about food in the various countries.  I think it is important when a country is giving a presentation that everyone is in attendance and listens to the presentations.  We felt that some countries did not attend all presentations which is disrespectful.  Secondly there was quite a bit of talking during some country’s  presentations – again this is very disrespectful.
Romania The presentations made by kids were very interesting, as they gave us an insight into the Polish culture and the activities performed in the school ;
Portugal The presentations have been very enriching and they made it possible for us to compare the similarities and differences.Thus, we had the opportunity to enlarge our knowledge about each country’s traditions and  customs concerning gastronomy

Presentations of the schools ‘National Food’

Turkey It was very colourful and enjoyable work. I liked it very much.
Lithuania Interesting, each differently, presenting  a  full  view of national food and eating habits. Well-done!
Spain The preparation of the foods in the school and the camaraderie was fun and exciting.  Our hosts did everything possible to help us with every need.
N. Ireland We enjoyed this.  It was unfortunate that we made a salad – we thought all countries were going to make a salad.  If we were aware that we could make something else we would have made Irish stew – which is more traditional in Ireland.
Romania The activity and the organization was a success; not only interesting, but also very educative from a gastronomic point of view, as we were given the opportunity not only to cook our traditional dish there, under all the other partners` eyes, but also to watch all the other partners cooking their dishes.  We really enjoyed this activity, and we feel that we are richer than we were before, as we came home with delicious recipes.We also enjoyed the each country`s food display we had, and the opportunity of tasting everything and being able to ask about everything related to the food each of us have prepared.
Portugal It was a wonderful experience – food is a common topic worldwide and it´s a great way to celebrate, too.The presentation of a “national” salad was a great idea due to the facilities restrictions. The participants and the host country did their best to show how it is like in their own country, concerning food and gastronomy.

Work shops

Turkey ‘Baking  bread’was an unforgetable  memory for me.It was very delicious and it was very enjoyable.
Lithuania We were given a great opportunity to bake bread,to participate in the process ,see and taste the products. Salad preparation was also great as everyone participated in the action and the final products were really tasty .
Spain The bakery visit was excellent!
N. Ireland
Romania The activity of baking bread was also a success, we enjoyed it very much. We feel like while cooking, besides making something delicious and tasty together, we were also given the opportunity of  bonding  as group.
Portugal The preparation of the salads have really involved the participants and promoted moments of sharing ideas, techniques and recipes.

Polish lessons

Turkey Polish teachers and students presented their lesson in their own language ,although we couldn’t understand it ,their presentations,pictures and materials were so good that we cought the point!
Lithuania We understood the  way the Polish kids are taught,visits to different schools were interesting. The kids participated in the lessons willingly and actively. We liked the way  Religion is taught.
Spain We were unable to participate in this activity as we had to leave a bit early.
N. Ireland We did not see this.
Romania The Polish lesson was very interesting, we were given  examples of activities for motivating and activating children while teaching.
Portugal We could get an idea of how the schools, classes, lessons and some subjects are organised.The activities performed and developed by the teachers and students involved in the project were very enriching as they enabled us to get to know some Polish cultural aspects and to interact with each other.

Organisation and planning the activities

Turkey The progress of the organization was not bad but unfortunately there was too much rain!
Lithuania The schedule of the activities was rather intense and well organized
Spain We felt well “cared for” and felt that the activities planned went very well!
N. Ireland We understand that the weather did impede some activities – especially on Thursday night.  We did feel however that we spent quite a bit of time sitting around and waiting for things to happen.  This time could have been better spent in our hotel relaxing or in the Polish classrooms with the pupils.
Romania Everything was well organised.
Portugal All the activities were carefully planned in order to accomplish the aims previously defined for this mobility. Justyna, the coordinator, has given very detailed information during the mobility preparation and has answered all the emails about simple doubts and details.

Cultural  activities – visiting Lublin and Kazimierz

Turkey Visiting  Lublin and Kazimierz was very interesting .It was a good experience.
Lithuania We enjoyed visits to Lublin and Kazimierz. Saw beautiful architectural buildings and found out lots of historic facts about foundation of the two cities, visited castles, took a boat trip on the Visla. It was really informative.
Spain These visits were excellent, although the boat ride felt a bit long, we enjoyed it just the same.  It was a nice opportunity to talk with the people from the other countries.
N. Ireland We thoroughly enjoyed these.  More time in Kazimierz would have been appreciated.
Romania We enjoyed the cultural activities and feel that they were very informative. We learned a lot of historic facts about the city and the castles visited.
Portugal The cultural visits to Lublin and Kazimierz were enriching and an unforgettable and healthy experience due to the location and characteristics. It was also an excellent moment for socialisation. The activities performed were enriching and meaningful to achieve one of the most important aims of this project – to share the historical and cultural richness of the host country.

Leisure activities – international evening, games

Turkey The environment was beautiful and we had  long  walks in  free time.International evening was entertaining and enjoyable.
Lithuania Everyone was involved in games, dances. It was great that kids learned some new different dances and games.
Spain We would have liked to have the students mixed for more activities and games so they could get to know each other better.
N. Ireland We enjoyed the welcome dinner.  The children especially enjoyed the disco.
Romania We really enjoyed the activities performed in the evenings such as dancing and playing different games. Children are very proud to have learned some dances from the other partners.
Portugal It was excellent to participate in those different evening meetings due to the meals´richness, music, dance and the opportunity to get to know each other better and meet new people.


Turkey The hotel we stayed was so comfortable and clean and there was no problem about the students.They are very happy  about the families they stayed with.
Lithuania Perfect!
Spain Our hotel was lovely and the people were very kind.
N. Ireland Very good.
Romania Very good!
Portugal The Families did a great job and provide our students a wonderful stay and experience.The hotel was comfortable and clean, with friendly staff and good location.

Planning the next meeting

Turkey We planned the next meeting  for Irland.The subject is Dance and Music.So, I hope to see my friends there healthy and happy…
Lithuania All major details were discussed
Spain Peoples’ opinions and hopes were expressed respectfully and we were able to plan without difficulty.
N. Ireland Very short .
Romania All details were sorted.
Portugal Important details were discussed and some decisions were taken to prepare the next meeting in Ireland, concerning the choice of the most suitable date for all members of the project but also the number of teachers and students who will be involved in that mobility.
 Communications and cooperation
Turkey Thanks for all Polish teachers  for their hard  work and warm heart.
Lithuania Kids as well as teachers enjoyed practicing English, getting acquainted with each other. Everyone was friendly and sharing the recipes of different dishes of different countries. Parents showed great responsibility while taking care of our students.
Spain As stated above, it seems that the more we get to know each other the better our communication.
N. Ireland It would be helpful if consideration is given to people’s dietary considerations  eg  vegetarians.  Choice of meals was seldom offered which was difficult.
Romania Good communication and cooperation.
Portugal The activities were carefully organised and planned, which made our work easy and enjoyable. Communication and cooperation between all teachers and students involved in this meeting was, above all, natural and effective, which allowed us to fully achieve our aims.The school board, the staff and students were very friendly, helpful and welcoming. School decoration was welcoming (there were posters everywhere about the cultures / facts of each of this Comenius Project partners).


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