Meeting in Istanbul


N. IRELAND  We felt that a full and varied programme was made available.  This programme gave us the opportunity to become familiar with Turkish culture as well as historical attractions in Istanbul.
LITHUANIA Interesting, meeting the requirements of the project
POLAND İt was very interesting. We visited a lot and learnt a lot.
SPAIN          We thought there was a good balance between work time and sightseeing. It is a cultural exchange programme, so it was important to spend time together and bond; in order to learn about all our different cultures.We hope that the timing and general mood in the meetings will be a little more productive from now on, as we felt that we could have done more work or decided about more things in the meetings.
PORTUGAL         The content of the programme is very interesting for teachers and students as it really helps us bridge the gaps between the different countries / cultures involved in the project. Besides, it allows students to interact in English with people from very different  countries and cultures, giving them the opportunity to improve their language skills.
ROMANIA The programme was well structured, devided on working sections related to our project topics. We were delighted to see the richness of the Turkish costums, customs and cultural traditions. We liked the fact of involving the youngest students too in activities.


N. IRELAND We enjoyed the opportunity to observe an English lesson.  We would have liked to observe a wider range of lessons on various topics being taught regardless of the language used.
LITHUANIA Showed  ordinary /everyday lessons; children participated actively
POLAND The teacher was engaged in the lesson and used different kinds of work.
SPAIN They were very good! The students had done a really good job with their posters.In the case of Spain, we loved the musical performances and the poetry reading. They were brilliant and the students were really brave for doing it in front of all their peers, we were really impressed.
PORTUGAL We have had the opportunity to attend a Turkish lesson which was very interesting. The teacher was reading/ analysing a short story and the students were very active. We felt very comfortable and grateful for the effort the teacher and the students made to welcome us in their class.
ROMANIA We attended an interesting lesson. The teacher set up among children individually working skills on a certain given topic, while, at the same time she achieved educational feedback by means of individual evaluation.


N. IRELAND These were useful and insightful.  They will be of benefit to our pupils in learning about the other countries.It may be useful to give a time guide s to how ling these presentations should last.
LITHUANIA Each interesting in its own way, informative
POLAND Most of them were really professional and interesting. Some of them, however, were too difficult for children who just start learning English.
SPAIN They were all good, we enjoyed them and they are a nice way of knowing a little bit of the countries and schools that we will get to know over the next two years.We thought it could be helpful for next time to decide on a format before we present them; number of slides, amount of text, length of presentation… etc. It would be nice to have some guidelines we could follow.
PORTUGAL The presentations have been very enriching and they made it possible for us to compare different educational systems. This way,  we have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with the purpose of improving our own performances as teachers.
ROMANIA Each partner`s school, city and country presentation was done on the strength of a common programme which had been  previously established with the host country partners. We each had time to show the presentations made on the first topic of the project.


N. IRELAND  This was very enjoyable.  We believe our pupils will be very interested in this.  They will enjoy watching Turkish children showcasing their culture.
LITHUANIA  Turkish kids put much work on their meeting programme/ interesting, informative
POLAND  It was short but it showed the core of matter
PORTUGAL The research work done by different classes about each of the countries involved in the programme was very interesting and really enriching not only for students but also for teachers. We had the opportunity to enlarge our knowledge about each country’s history, traditions, customs … and it has certainly been very enriching for Turkish students to research and learn about all these countries.
ROMANIA The exchanges of cultural information and ideas related to the first topic has been really informative and interesting, at the same time meaning to provide us with the opportunity for developing a greater understanding of diversity.We enjoyed all our partners` presentations, keeping in mind that they have been made by young children, they have really been not only very interesting, but also special.They gave us an insight into pieces of each country`s culture, seen through the eyes of the children.


N. IRELAND We feel that the website is excellent and we commend the work of our Lithuanian colleagues on their work in preparing it.
LITHUANIA Interesting/ informative/
POLAND  It could be given more details about it. Too generally. We think (maybe we’re wrong) that what we post there should be somehow similar ( especially the content of our texts)
SPAIN We like the website very much, the design is nice and pleasant and it is also very easy to navigate. Well done!
PORTUGAL We had the opportunity to see what has been done so far and make some adjustments for further work.
ROMANIA The presentation of the website has been clearly done. We consider it an easy to work with tool, very pleasant to the eye when you open it; it is also very easy to browse through its blog pages and to upload your presentations.We really feel that our Lithuanian partners have done a great job! They have in fact created the virtual (but) solid ground on which we are (and have been) laying our individual and mutual work.


N. IRELAND  The morning meetings were useful in bringing everyone together to discuss important aspects of the programme.  However we feel that these meetings should have had a more structured agenda with clear areas for discussion.  On some occasions the meetings did not take as long as was planned and at other times we feel that not enough time was dedicated to discussing issues whish are important to the programme.
PORTUGAL The workshops were interesting.
ROMANIA The workshops were interesting for us and the children.


N. IRELAND We appreciate the hard work and planning that went into this trip by those in Turkey and the work that our programme coordinator – Alexandra did.We feel that as this is a two year project all participants would benefit from questions at the end of each unit when the information is fresh in their heads.  At the end of the project another question similar to the initial questionnaire could be given covering all aspects of the programme about each country as we feel this would give pupils to look back and revise what they have learned over the two years.
LITHUANIA Maybe too little time for analysis
POLAND İt was OK but maybe we could have devoted a bit more time to it.
SPAIN Not all of us were in the same situation, we come from different experiences and scenarios, so we were not on the same page. Some groups had been able to do more than others due to different reasons. Hopefully these differences will not be made so obvious in the next meeting.Also, all the presentations were different, which could be a great thing; but we feel it would be very helpful to agree on some guidelines for the upcoming work.Little by little we will gain more experience, but most of us this is the first time participating in a project like this. For a first time, it was excellent but there is room for improvement.
PORTUGAL Activities were carefully organised/planned by the team from Melahat Akkutlu School. They made teachers work easy and profitable.
ROMANIA We really appreciate the effort made by our Turkish colleagues, and especially by Ilter, the Turkish Director, for making us feel more than welcome in their school, city and country! Most important, we appreciate the work and activities done by the children in the host school.We had a Comenius project before, but not a Multilateral Comenius Project, like this one, so, this being our first, and our first mobility, we didn`t really know exactly how and what we were supposed to do, we didn`t know what to expect for, but we like challenges and we had a lot of faith in us and in our partners.We know that it wasn`t an easy job to host the first meeting, and it wouldn`t have been easy for neither of us. Nevertheless, we feel that the Turkish colleagues have tried to do a great work and they have succeeded in organizing interesting activities during our Turkish week days. We felt that there was too much to do and to see, and too little time.


N. IRELAND We felt that these were very interesting and gave us a great insight into Turkish history and culture.  We took lots of pictures and videos which we feel will help our pupils learn and understand more about Turkish culture.
LITHUANIA Fantastic! We liked it very much
POLAND Wonderful and unforgettable.
SPAIN Excellent and well planned and organized. We were not rushed and we got to see everything calmly.
PORTUGAL It has been amazing to visit these symbols of the Turkish culture. Apart from enjoying the beauty of those monuments we could get closer to the Turkish history and culture.
ROMANIA We have enjoyed the cultural activities the most. They have been extremely interesting, we would have loved for our mobility to last longer. The organizing of these activities have been well structured as for both time allotment and amount of information received. We feel that we have reached the previously established objectives we had related to this mobility.


POLAND Great, especially food
SPAIN The closing dinner we all enjoyed was fabulous. The variety of food was amazing and the live music and dancing were superb. We all had a wonderful time and the chance to relax and experience a Turkish celebration as if we were locals. We think this was a really good idea.
PORTUGAL The leisure activities the host school has provided us made possible to get to know each other better and feel welcomed.
ROMANIA We enjoyed the leisure activities led by our colleagues, we feel that they really bond us as group and partners. The songs and games played together have been really relaxing.The dinners we had together were wonderful.


N. IRELAND  The initial misunderstanding about our nationality caused upset and confusion in the first few days.  Before travelling our school Principal did clarify that we are Irish and not English.   This was obviously not communicated to the others in the group or the pupils in the school.  Nonetheless this issue was overcome within two days.We felt that in some cases confusion on some issues may have been avoided by using agendas for meetings.On occasion some members of our group appeared to be reluctant to accept the views and opinions of others.  We feel this could affect the outcomes of the shared project.The agreed language of the project is English however this was not the language of the meetings.  it is vital that we all use English so that we are all understand and agree what has to be done.Will minutes from the meetings be emailed to us?
POLAND Very good. Everybody was friendly and helpful.
SPAIN We hope that now that we know each other in person, communication will be a lot easier and the differences between the countries will be understood. We all come from very different backgrounds and cultures and we have different ways of doing things, different ways of talking, asking for things…
PORTUGAL Communication and cooperation between all teachers and students involved in this first meeting was, above all, natural and effective, which allowed us to fully achieve our aims.
ROMANIA Even if we gathered there as different people from different cultures and countries, we managed to find common means of communication and understanding one another; we mainly spoke using the English language.We have accomplished and reached many common ideas at the end of our meeting.


N. IRELAND Plan activities for all stages of the day – instead of time sitting around as a group waiting!  Include in this specific rest periods in the hotel.Please plan meetings clearly and provide accurate agendas to guide all participants – we would appreciate this was done prior to travel.
LITHUANIA Discussed, details through e-mails
PORTUGAL We have planned the next meeting in Romania not only in what concerns the choice of the most suitable date for all members of the project but also in what concerns the number of teachers and students who will be involved in that mobility.
ROMANIA We have chosen the dates for the next meeting, which is going to take place in Romania, between 3-7 March 2014.The dates of the meeting have been chosen according to our partners` possibility and availability for travelling here. We also spoke about the means of travel, airport of arrival, railway station and train tickets. The draft number of teachers and students to be involved in this second mobility along with the means of accommodation  have also been discussed.


N. IRELAND We feel that participants, especially pupils may benefit form more free time or rest periods especially children of a younger age.We would like more opportunities to view lessons. We feel that pupils would benefit from more opportunities to spend time with other pupils.We feel that the standard of accommodation should be improved especially with regards to security – door locks, bearing in mind that teachers will have expensive school equipment with them.  This would also pose a problem if pupils were travelling.Ensure that appropriate safe transport is used with seats and seat belts provided for each person.Please do not present our school with Union Jacks as this is an insult to us.
LITHUANIA  To clear out everything what seems problematic
POLAND  We could finish the day a bit earlier
SPAIN Suggestions already done in the previous aspects.
PORTUGAL  It would be useful to learn/practice some Romanian words. Students should have activities together to get to know each other better.
ROMANIA To involve children and teachers working together, learning new words, sports and traditional games.



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